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THe Sisterhood sit-in ENGAGEMENT & EMPOWERMENT directory

Welcome to SSEED, a pioneering platform that does more than showcase Black women entrepreneurs—it celebrates and supports the vibrant spirits behind the businesses. Unlike typical directories, SSEED prioritizes people over profit, focusing on the heart, mind, and well-being of each entrepreneur before their business. Here, we're not just about financial growth; we're about nurturing the whole person. This holistic approach ensures that every facet of our entrepreneurs' lives is cared for—making SSEED a unique ecosystem of visibility, resources, and collaboration.

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Discover the BWOB in SSEED: a vibrant directory dedicated to spotlighting Black women-owned businesses. Connect, explore, and grow with a network designed to amplify success and foster opportunities for innovation and collaboration in a supportive community.



Tune into the SSEED Podcast: a dynamic platform where Black women entrepreneurs share their journeys, offer expert insights, and provide actionable tips to inspire and empower listeners to grow and succeed in their business endeavors.

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Invest in the future. Our mutual fund specifically supports Black women-owned businesses, providing the financial nutrients needed to help these ventures grow and flourish. This fund is a tangible way to contribute to economic empowerment and the sustainable development of entrepreneurial ecosystems.



Participate in high-impact seminars and conferences designed to act as a greenhouse for skill enhancement, providing networking opportunities and workshops led by industry leaders. These events are crucial for pollinating ideas and fostering a community among Black women entrepreneurs.

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With a commitment to continuous cultivation, our directory is ever-growing. We are constantly exploring new avenues to include additional resources such as mentorship programs, scholarship funds, and international trade opportunities. The sky is the limit, and our mission is to ensure that every Black woman entrepreneur has the tools and community support needed to thrive.


Please fill out this form to share how you would like to benefit from the SSEED project. Your talents and energy is the water and the sun that will nourish our world. We need you!

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