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Hey there Sister! Welcome to our heartwarming corner of courage and change - the testimonials page. Here, you'll dive into the raw, unfiltered voices of the sisters who've stood with us, sat with us, and marched forward with us.  Each story is a testament to the power of unity, our convictions' strength, and our collective spirit's beauty. Get ready to be inspired by tales of resilience, uplifted by moments of triumph, and moved by the undeniable bond of sisterhood that fuels our stand for justice. So, lean in, listen up, and let these stories spark that fire within you. Together, we're unstoppable. Welcome to the family!

RAHDI Taylor

I appreciate so much your thoughtful guiding, patience with our timing, and care with our pacing. Of course, my absolute favorite moment was when I was struggling to focus the group on a quiet moment. You saw my struggle and gently offered your expert ministration to our group--everyone felt it immediately. I felt so relieved to have your presence, and I think the group benefited from that pause to shift the vibration. 

Jacqui Rothera

I thought this was a great opportunity to be introduced to new people, new experiences, and support Black women-owned businesses.

Rachel Ferguson

This was wonderful last year and just as special and NEEDED again. I enjoyed every stop, conversation and moment.

Jaquay Spatcher

Thank you for having Gamma Phi Delta Sorority Epsilon Pi Chapter (Delaware County) on the Trolley Ride. What an amazing time. We can't wait until next year to do it again. Very organized, informative, and an energetic ride.

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