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Minista Jazz is a force of nature, blending fierce wisdom, infectious humor, and heartfelt compassion to foster dialogue, inspire action, and build community. With a name given in the spirit of revolutionary thought and the vibrant energy of jazz music, she embodies a unique blend of cultural richness from her Caribbean-American heritage and a deep understanding of the dynamics of social change.

From captivating audiences worldwide on tour with legendary musicians to clinching victory in high-stakes reality TV competitions, Jazz uses her platform to transform personal victories into communal triumphs. With projects, like Sisterhood Sundays and Denim Dialogues, she goes beyond events—they are vibrant calls to action, rallying communities around the causes of justice and empowerment.

As a dynamic speaker and event curator, Jazz crafts experiences that are not only engaging but also deeply transformative. She champions the growth of Black women entrepreneurs, activists, and artists, providing them with the tools and visibility to expand their impact.

In every project and presentation, Minista Jazz stands out as a leader who fosters collaboration and inclusivity. Minista Jazz embodies the essence of a leader who does more than create followings—she creates fellowships. With every story she tells and every community she touches, Jazz isn't just speaking; she's sparking a revolution of the heart and mind. Jazz is not just making noise; she’s making history.

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