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Sista Girl...!!!

So, the Sisterhood Sit-in wrapped us up in some good, good love, and I’ve come back every year since the tours began. Every time…they water my soul.

So, when the Sit-in threw its doors open wide to the sisterhood, asking us to pull up as creators...

t felt like I had been offered an invitation to the Emerald City by the WIZ herself.

I’m Thalia, a vibrant, salsa-loving, Bollywood-watching, spirit-led sista girl, and your friendly neighborhood curlfriend!

I’ve known and loved the owner of Harriet’s Bookshop, Jeannine…her big sister Jazz, and our ever-effervescent experience guide, Starfire, for years. I love these women to life!

I’m guessing that we are alike, too…drawn to the Sisterhood Sit-in as a way to uplift one another through celebration, companionship, and currency! Now, the Sit-in extends another opportunity: collaboration, and my love for these wonderful women deepens.

The tour's mission, ‘Our love is the protest’, captivated me.

Here’s one thing everyone learns about me - I’m ABOUT love. At eight years old I decided on my life's purpose. It was inspired by my father. Some days he would be so frustrated about the bills that he would sound tense whenever we talked. At eight years old, I didn’t know where money came from or how to get it. What I did know was that when I gave my Daddy a hug - he would feel better.

That day, I was walking to my elementary school, and at the crosswalk, I wondered how I could help around the house if I didn’t have any money. I decided that love would be my currency.

Turning that purpose into a lifestyle has transformed me. It demands that I accept my role as a co-creator with Spirit to be a vessel for love.

So, the Sisterhood Sit-in sang a song my soul knew well. And here we are, sister girl…showing up for the Sit-in to keep that love flowing.

In upcoming articles, I’ll gratefully pour into us by sharing about my love walk and gems of wisdom that can allow us all to wake up to love. That’s the purpose of my life, the point of each post, and the title of this series: Wake Up to Love.

In the series, I’ll give insight into how I live a love lifestyle. Maybe you can take some tips and blend them into your life to change the energy in these dark times. Because we know who runs the world—WOMEN.

I’m not sure where this road may take us, but I know one thing: I’m on the path of love. If God is love, then as a Godchild, I’m in perfect alignment in this gathering I call the Sisterhood.

The Sit-in called, I answered, and everyone is welcome - pull up!

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

So excited for this series and everything thing to come and spirit uplift and awoken to love!


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