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Philo – Love | Sophia – Wisdom

Philosophy: Derived from the Greek words philo, meaning "love," and sophia, meaning "wisdom." Traditionally, philosophy is the pursuit of knowledge, understanding, and wisdom.


But for us, "philosophy" takes on a deeper, more vibrant meaning.

Philo – Love:

  • Love as the foundation of our sisterhood.

  • Love as our greatest protest against oppression.

  • Love that unites and strengthens us, making us unbreakable.

Sophia – Wisdom:

  • The wisdom of our ancestors and foremothers guiding us.

  • The wisdom in honoring our past while innovating for the future.

  • The wisdom found in the diverse experiences and voices of our community.



Together, philo and sophia form a philosophy that is uniquely ours—one that celebrates the radical power of love and the transformative strength of wisdom. It is a philosophy that recognizes the inherent value in every individual, fosters deep connections, and champions the pursuit of justice and equity.

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