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A healing journey that combines tourism with activism, where our love is the protest

and our shared experiences are the balm that soothes our collective wounds.

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LOVE BALM is a transformative initiative by Sisterhood Sit-In, embodying our motto "Our Love is the Protest." Unlike the concept of a "love bomb," which can sometimes carry connotations of overwhelming or insincere affection, a LOVE BALM is about healing, nurturing, and sustained support. It is the salve we apply to the wounds inflicted by systemic oppression, personal traumas, and social injustices.

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At Sisterhood Sit-In, we believe in the power of sisterhood to create meaningful change. Our LOVE BALM initiative leverages tourism as activism, using our tours to foster connections, celebrate our heritage, and promote collective healing. Here's how LOVE BALM integrates into our mission:


Our Motto: Our Love is the Protest

Our Love is the Protest signifies that our unity and compassion are powerful acts of resistance against the forces that seek to divide and diminish us. Through LOVE BALM, we channel our love into actions that promote healing and empowerment within our communities.


  1. Storytelling and Shared Experience:

    • Our tours are not just about sightseeing; they are journeys through the lived experiences of Black women, highlighting stories of resilience and triumph.

    • By sharing these narratives, we validate each other's experiences and build a collective memory that strengthens our bonds.

  2. Cultural Preservation and Education:

    • We honor our heritage through activities that celebrate our history and culture. This not only educates but also instills a sense of pride and belonging.

    • Workshops and discussions during the tours provide tools for personal and community growth.

  3. Emotional Support and Empowerment:

    • Every participant is seen and heard, creating a space where vulnerability is met with empathy and understanding.

    • We offer resources and connections that help women overcome personal and professional challenges, fostering a network of support that extends beyond the tours.

Tourism as activism means that our tours are designed to inspire action and foster change. By participating in our tours, you are not just a tourist but an activist who is:

  • Supporting Local Economies: Our tours highlight and patronize Black-owned businesses, ensuring that our economic impact benefits our communities directly.

  • Raising Awareness: Through immersive experiences, participants gain a deeper understanding of the systemic issues we face and are motivated to advocate for change.

  • Building Solidarity: Each tour creates opportunities for building alliances and forging partnerships that can drive collective action.

In essence, LOVE BALM is about using our love as a powerful, healing force. It is about creating spaces where Black women can connect, heal, and thrive together. Through Sisterhood Sit-In, we transform tourism into a platform for activism, using our collective love to mend wounds and build a brighter future.


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Our Love is the Protest

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